Polish Card

This document opens up the opportunity for you to enjoy a range of privileges even if you don't possess Polish citizenship or a residence permit in Poland. If you declare your affiliation with the Polish nation and meet a number of conditions, you have a chance to obtain the Karta Polaka (Polish Card). Find out how to apply for it and check if you are in the group of individuals who are eligible for it!

What rights does the Polish Card give?

Having the Karta Polaka (Polish Card) simplifies obtaining employment in Poland without the need to apply for a work permit. It allows for conducting business activities on the same terms as Polish citizens. The card also grants access to free education at all levels, from primary to higher education, and makes you eligible for scholarships. With the Karta Polaka, you can access emergency healthcare without incurring costs, enjoy free admission to state museums, and benefit from discounts on railway travel.

As you can see, possessing the Karta Polaka can significantly facilitate your stay in Poland, so it's worth applying for it. The card is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance, and its validity can be extended for another 10 years. Make sure to submit an application for an extension no later than 3 months before it expires. Karta Polaka is granted indefinitely to individuals over 65 years of age.

Who is eligible for the Polish Card and how to obtain it?

To obtain the Polish Card, you must meet several conditions:

It's important to note what the Polish Card does not grant:

The Polish Card confirms your affiliation with the Polish nation but does not grant you the right to cross the border without a visa or settle on Polish territory without a temporary or permanent residence permit. It is not a form of legalizing your stay. However, as a holder of the Polish Card, you can legally enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier. The need for the Polish Card ceases if you acquire Polish citizenship or a permanent residence permit.

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