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Do you want to be sure that you are residing in Poland legally, have completed all the necessary formalities, possess the required documents, and can feel at ease while living in this country? The process of legalizing your stay depends on several factors, and only by taking all of them into account can you compile the appropriate documentation and meet specific requirements. At iStay, we know how to navigate this process and will ensure your comfortable, and above all, legal stay in Poland. Find out what we can do for you and get in touch with us today!

Your legal stay in Poland – how iStay works?

There are several documents that can legalize a foreigner's stay in Poland: national visa or Schengen visa, temporary residence permit, biometric passport – citizens of some countries can stay in Poland under visa-free regimes. The regulations can seem complex, and the number of documents required is substantial. Therefore, to navigate the complex procedures and meet the formal requirements, it's advisable to seek professional assistance. The experts at iStay will provide you with comprehensive support and help you quickly legalize your stay in Poland. We operate in accordance with a proven and established scheme that guarantees effectiveness:

After receiving a positive decision, you can commence your legal stay in Poland – remember that if your legalizing document is a visa, your stay is limited to a specific period. If you wish to extend it, you must submit an application for an extension or prolongation of your residence permit. Importantly, you are obligated to adhere to the established conditions of your stay. The most common conditions include maintaining employment, pursuing studies if that is the purpose of your visit, or refraining from work if you declared non-employment-related purposes for your stay.

Do you find this process complicated? For our experts, legalizing the stay of foreigners in Poland is a daily routine. Experience, the right knowledge, competencies, and fluency in up to four languages allow us to effectively and swiftly legalize your stay.

Entrust the procedure of legalizing your stay to professionals – stay in Poland legally!

Whether you are planning to stay in Poland for educational, family, or employment purposes, we are happy to help you navigate the legalization process smoothly and without stress. With us, you will complete the required formalities and gain confidence that you haven't overlooked anything. Remember that to take up employment, you also need a work permit – and we can assist you in obtaining it!

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