Legalizing Employee's Work

If you are an employer planning to hire individuals from abroad, you should ensure the legalization of their stay and work. Your responsibilities include verifying the validity of the residence permit held by the potential employee and keeping a copy of this document throughout the entire period of employment. However, the legalization of foreign workers is not always required, and the formalities may vary depending on the country of origin of the individual, the type of work they will be performing, and the duration of their stay in Poland. If you're unsure how to legalize the employment of foreigners in your company, iStay will provide comprehensive assistance – find out how we can help you!

The Procedure for Legalizing the Employment of a Foreign Worker in Your Company – Here's How We Work!

When you approach iStay, you can expect comprehensive legal advice and assistance in completing the necessary formalities. However, first, we will assess whether the legalization procedures are necessary – in some situations, there may be no such requirement. Employing individuals from European Union countries, countries within the European Economic Area, and Switzerland follows a process similar to that for Polish citizens. But if you are hiring a foreigner from outside these countries, you will need to prepare the necessary documents.

Are you unsure whether your employees need a visa or can stay in Poland on a visa-free basis? Do they require a permanent or temporary residence permit? What are the specific rules for hiring foreigners from different countries, where and how should you report that foreign workers are employed in your company, and what penalties could be imposed on you as an employer for failing to meet legal requirements? These matters can be complex because each case must be approached individually, adhering to specific deadlines, obtaining the required permits, and fulfilling obligatory formalities to ensure that the employment of foreign workers in your company is entirely legal. Fortunately, you don't have to handle this on your own – entrust us with the process of legalizing the employment of foreign workers, and gain the assurance that you are hiring them in compliance with the law!

Legalizing the Employment of Your Workers – A Complex Process Worth Entrusting to Professionals

To save time and reduce the stress associated with dealing with legalization formalities on your own, entrust this task to us. At iStay, you can expect:

Legalizing the Employment of Foreigners with iStay – How It Works?

The first step is to get in touch with our specialists – share your employment plans and the type of business you are engaged in. We will assist you in gathering the necessary documents and submitting them to the appropriate authorities within the required timeframes. And when the legalization process is completed, we will be happy to provide ongoing advice at the subsequent stages of your collaboration with foreigners, addressing any doubts that arise and helping to resolve any potential issues. With us, hiring foreign workers is straightforward!

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