Inviting a Foreign Family

You live in Poland and want to invite your family over? There are several conditions you need to meet to make this possible. At iStay, we can assist you in completing the necessary formalities so that your loved ones can come for a visit. Find out what we can do for you, whether you are eligible to invite your family members to Poland, and how to do it!

Who can invite a foreigner to Poland?

The list of entities authorized to invite a foreigner to the territory of Poland includes:

Inviting a foreign family member to Poland – formalities to remember!

If you want to invite your family members to Poland, provided you meet the conditions mentioned above, you should submit an appropriate application for visas or family reunification at your local immigration office. It is necessary to specify the purpose of your family's stay, provide full details of the invited individuals, and include a range of documents: copies of identity documents, marriage certificates, and birth certificates – the extent of which depends on the type of kinship and the purpose of the stay. Be sure to include documents confirming your ability to cover the costs associated with your family's stay in Poland (accommodation and meals) and their return travel. You also need to provide proof of legal ownership of the residence where the invited persons will stay.

Submitting the application also requires paying a fee of 27 PLN – you must include the payment receipt as an attachment. The waiting time for the application to be processed is approximately one month, and the procedure can be expedited if you ensure a thorough compilation of the documents, which iStay can assist with. We understand the importance of such applications and can streamline the entire process to maximize your family's chances of legal entry into Poland.

Do you want to invite your loved ones to Poland? iStay will help you with the required documents!

When planning to invite family members to Poland, consider how long their stay will be – a short visit is possible by obtaining a family visa, while a longer stay requires a residence permit. Remember to register the place of residence of the invited individuals at the local office upon their arrival, adhere to the agreed-upon departure date from Poland, and comply with the terms of their stay – which are determined on an individual basis depending on the purpose of the visit. This may include restrictions on employment or an obligation to pursue education. If you have doubts and are still unsure if, as a foreigner, you can invite your family to Poland, contact us – a brief consultation is all you need to get answers to your questions!

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