Exchanging a Driver's License

The country in which your driver's license was issued is of crucial importance. If it was issued in one of the European Union member states, the European Economic Area, or the United Kingdom, you do not need to go through the entire examination process, and your driver's license is valid in Poland. Of course, you can exchange it for a Polish driver's license, but it is not mandatory.

1. Submit an application for the exchange of your driver's license at the voivodship office along with a current photo that meets the formal requirements.

2. Include the necessary documents:

Driver's licenses from countries outside the EU, EEA, and the UK – what to do?

Your driver's license issued in countries other than those mentioned above is not valid in Poland. If you are residing in Poland for a minimum of 185 days, you must pass a theoretical examination to confirm your knowledge of Polish traffic regulations. Different countries have different rules for exchanging this document, so it's worth consulting with experts to ensure that you are legally driving on Polish roads. Contact us at iStay – we will advise you on whether exchanging your driver's license is necessary and how to go about it!

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